A rich tradition of

Thinking Ahead.

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  • Putting old-fashioned values where they belong. In the future.

    We started Investors Heritage back when deals were sealed with a handshake. But we’ve always had our eye on the future, investing in new technologies and new products to bring peace of mind, comfort, and dependability to our customers.


Retirement planning that pays.

Introducing the Investors Heritage 3, 5, and 7 year tax deferred annuities. Make your money work smarter and earn more interest than you would with a CD, without sacrificing your spending power.

  • Preneed

    Get peace of mind with every policy.

    We have put decades of experience into our turn-key preneed product and support it with a team of experienced professionals who will always go the extra mile for you — because you deserve to have peace of mind.

  • Final Expense

    Give your family comfort in their toughest time.

    With our Final Expense insurance we’ve made it simple and affordable to provide for your family in your absence and bring them a measure of comfort during their toughest time.

  • Wealth Transfer

    Leave more for the ones you love.

    You've worked hard to provide for your family – now and for generations to come. You deserve to be able to leave more of it to your family. Investors Heritage Solution and Investors Heritage Provider offer thoughtful, tax-efficient solutions so your loved ones can benefit from your hard work.

  • Let’s Work Together

  • What They Say About What We Do.

    • “Canopy Preneed proves that Investors Heritage is committed to helping funeral homes and their clients with first-class products and service.”

      Chris Christian of Rogersville, TN. A member since 2017.

      Chris Christian | Rogersville, TN

      Christian Sells Funeral Home & NFDA at Large Representative

      IH Family Member since 2017

    • “We found both the client support and technology from Investors Heritage to be top-notch. Garth has always been extremely accessible to answer bespoke questions and it’s been very seamless to process business with them. The team at Blueprint Income is looking forward to continuing to grow the relationship we’ve built with Investors Heritage.”

      Matt Carey of New York, NY. A member since 2020.

      Matt Carey | New York, NY

      Blueprint Income

      IH Family Member since 2020

    • “The new Canopy product allows me to give every customer an option to fund their preneed funeral regardless of their health or financial situation.”

      Darrell Maggard of Lawrenceburg, TN. A member since 2020.

      Darrell Maggard | Lawrenceburg, TN

      Neal Funeral Home

      IH Family Member since 2020

    • “A lot of times when you call [other insurance companies] you get this impression when they answer the phone that you’ve messed up their day. But at Investors Heritage, they ask what they can do to help you.”

      David Parish of Fort Wayne, IN. A member since 2018.

      David Parish | Fort Wayne, IN

      Lincoln Financial Advisors

      IH Family Member since 2018

    • “I switched from another preneed carrier about a year-and-a-half ago and it’s a whole different experience with Investors Heritage. They give me the same kind of attention I give my customers.”

      Mark Styninger of Nashville, IL. A member since 2016.

      Mark Styninger | Nashville, IL

      Styninger Funeral Home

      IH Family Member since 2016

    • “Being efficient the first time around means a lot…I have people that need me immediately…It really spoke volumes the way I was treated and have been treated. It makes me want to do more business with Investors Heritage.”

      Andrew Westmoreland of McDonough, GA. A member since 2018.

      Andrew Westmoreland | McDonough, GA

      Piedmont Capital Brokerage

      IH Family Member since 2018

    • “The level of customer service at Investors Heritage is excellent. Anybody who answers the phone there can either answer my questions or find an answer to my questions.”

      Gayle Yates of Louisville, KY. A member since 2000.

      Gayle Yates | Louisville, KY

      Fern Creek Funeral Home

      IH Family Member since 2000

    • “The application process is very easy to go through with clients and the follow up [from Investors Heritage] was fantastic as well. The portal is very easy to go on to and see where things are.”

      Mark Bresnahan of Fort Wayne, IN. A member since 2018.

      Mark Bresnahan | Fort Wayne, IN

      Lincoln Financial Advisors

      IH Family Member since 2018

    • “The best compliment I could give anyone is ‘they back up their word.’ Investors Heritage does just that.”

      Kenny Coggins of Thomaston, GA. A member since 1998.

      Kenny Coggins | Thomaston, GA

      Coggins Funeral Home/Cemetery

      IH Family Member since 1998

    • “Reality is, most companies are not that receptive or that responsive. It seems at some points that they don’t even care…It’s just a great experience working with Investors Heritage. The professionalism they provide to us, which we are in turn able to provide to our clients.”

      Jeramie Shamp of Fort Wayne, IN. A member since 2018.

      Jeramie Shamp | Fort Wayne, IN

      Lincoln Financial Advisors

      IH Family Member since 2018

    • “I’ve been with Investors Heritage for 26 years, because they’re honest and loyal. If they say they’ll do something, they’ll do it.”

      Alan K. Wood of Mount Airy, NC. A member since 1992.

      Alan K. Wood | Mount Airy, NC

      Moody Funeral Service

      IH Family Member since 1992