Meet Your Preneed Ambassadors

These gentlemen are our boots on the ground and they continuously make rounds to make sure our producers have everything they need. And even if they know a funeral home has all its required preneed solutions, they’ll stop by and say hello anyway. That’s just how we treat family around here.

Discover the Investors Heritage difference and find out what it’s like to be treated like family. Just click the on “Let’s Work Together” at the bottom of the page.

  • Jay Slatton

    Dir Preneed Dev & TN

    IH Family Since 2009

  • Brian Ege

    IN & MI

    IH Family Since 2019

  • Trev Fuller

    GA & SC

    IH Family Since 2014

  • Rob Goodin

    IL & KY

    IH Family Since 1993

  • Bruce Rice

    Western NC & Central VA

    IH Family Since 1990

  • Gene Underwood

    Eastern NC & Eastern VA

    IH Family Since 1974

  • Let’s Work Together

  • What They Say About What We Do.

    • “I’ve been with Investors Heritage for 26 years, because they’re honest and loyal. If they say they’ll do something, they’ll do it.”

      Alan K. Wood of Mount Airy, NC. A member since 1992.

      Alan K. Wood | Mount Airy, NC

      Moody Funeral Service

      IH Family Member since 1992

    • “The level of customer service at Investors Heritage is excellent. Anybody who answers the phone there can either answer my questions or find an answer to my questions.”

      Gayle Yates of Louisville, KY. A member since 2000.

      Gayle Yates | Louisville, KY

      Fern Creek Funeral Home

      IH Family Member since 2000

    • “The best compliment I could give anyone is ‘they back up their word.’ Investors Heritage does just that.”

      Kenny Coggins of Thomaston, GA. A member since 1998.

      Kenny Coggins | Thomaston, GA

      Coggins Funeral Home/Cemetery

      IH Family Member since 1998

    • “I switched from another preneed carrier about a year-and-a-half ago and it’s a whole different experience with Investors Heritage. They give me the same kind of attention I give my customers.”

      Mark Styninger of Nashville, IL. A member since 2016.

      Mark Styninger | Nashville, IL

      Styninger Funeral Home

      IH Family Member since 2016