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    Our Financial Strength. Your Financial Gain.

    Investors Heritage is built on the twin pillars of strength and trust. Since our founding in 1960 we’ve been a sound financial company, a market leader in innovative annuity and insurance products, as well as industry-leading producer and client services.



    We’ve been here for over 60 years working, building, growing and strengthening our foundation. We continue to do that everyday through responsible investment practices and risk management and with a focused mix of business.

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    Our history doesn’t just live in the past. We look to it to guide our future. As we continue to grow, we choose to strengthen our roots and values. We built our business on strong principles and know our reputation is on the line with every policy issued and client served.

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    Use our contact form or call 800.422.2011 and talk to one of our friendly, helpful associates from 8:00 am–4:30 pm EST, Monday through Friday.

  • What they say about what we do

    • “We found both the client support and technology from Investors Heritage to be top-notch. Garth has always been extremely accessible to answer bespoke questions and it’s been very seamless to process business with them. The team at Blueprint Income is looking forward to continuing to grow the relationship we’ve built with Investors Heritage.”

      Matt Carey of New York, NY. A member since 2020.

      Matt Carey | New York, NY

      Blueprint Income

      IH Family Member since 2020

    • “The application process is very easy to go through with clients and the follow up [from Investors Heritage] was fantastic as well. The portal is very easy to go on to and see where things are.”

      Mark Bresnahan of Fort Wayne, IN. A member since 2018.

      Mark Bresnahan | Fort Wayne, IN

      Lincoln Financial Advisors

      IH Family Member since 2018

    • “Reality is, most companies are not that receptive or that responsive. It seems at some points that they don’t even care…It’s just a great experience working with Investors Heritage. The professionalism they provide to us, which we are in turn able to provide to our clients.”

      Jeramie Shamp of Fort Wayne, IN. A member since 2018.

      Jeramie Shamp | Fort Wayne, IN

      Lincoln Financial Advisors

      IH Family Member since 2018

    • Great products and great people equals a great company!

      Todd Rabalais of Dallas, TX. A member since 2021.

      Todd Rabalais | Dallas, TX

      Innovative Estate Management

      IH Family Member since 2021

    • “A lot of times when you call [other insurance companies] you get this impression when they answer the phone that you’ve messed up their day. But at Investors Heritage, they ask what they can do to help you.”

      David Parish of Fort Wayne, IN. A member since 2018.

      David Parish | Fort Wayne, IN

      Lincoln Financial Advisors

      IH Family Member since 2018

    • “Being efficient the first time around means a lot…I have people that need me immediately…It really spoke volumes the way I was treated and have been treated. It makes me want to do more business with Investors Heritage.”

      Andrew Westmoreland of McDonough, GA. A member since 2018.

      Andrew Westmoreland | McDonough, GA

      Piedmont Capital Brokerage

      IH Family Member since 2018

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