• Heritage Builder Annuity

    Look Smart. Retire in Style.

    People approaching or in retirement often have a common dilemma, which is how to keep their cash safe, readily liquid, and earning interest. A CD comes to mind, but a better option is the Investors Heritage Builder Annuity. Make your money work smarter with safety and flexibility built in so you can earn higher interest rates, yet still keep your money liquid.

Make Your Money
Work Smarter.

  • Available for issue ages 0-90.
  • Competitive interest rates guaranteed for 3-year, 5-year or 7-year contracts.
  • Minimum of $25,000 is required for initial investment.*
  • Maximum of $2,000,000 investment allowed.
  • Funds from rollovers and qualified plans, IRAs, Roth IRAs & conversions, and Non-qualified funds are eligible.
  • Access to funds with free withdrawal options.
  • Accumulated interest available after 30 days.
  • RMDs available after six months.
  • Up to 10% of Account Value available after 1 year.
  • Up to 50% of Account Value available after one year with the Nursing Home Waiver, subject to eligibility.

*Subject to change.

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    See Your Investment Grow

    Use our calculators to compare how your money will grow at different interest rates.

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    The Smart Way to Grow Your Money

    A MYGA is designed as part of your retirement plan purchased with funds not needed for daily living, but the Heritage Builder includes penalty-free withdrawal options should you need to access funds.



Our client portal is available for MYGA and FIA clients and gives you access to your contract information in REAL-TIME. You can check your account value, view annual statements, request distributions and changes. Additional information available according to your contract type. 

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    • “We found both the client support and technology from Investors Heritage to be top-notch. Garth has always been extremely accessible to answer bespoke questions and it’s been very seamless to process business with them. The team at Blueprint Income is looking forward to continuing to grow the relationship we’ve built with Investors Heritage.”

      Matt Carey of New York, NY. A member since 2020.

      Matt Carey | New York, NY

      Blueprint Income

      IH Family Member since 2020

    • “Being efficient the first time around means a lot…I have people that need me immediately…It really spoke volumes the way I was treated and have been treated. It makes me want to do more business with Investors Heritage.”

      Andrew Westmoreland of McDonough, GA. A member since 2018.

      Andrew Westmoreland | McDonough, GA

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    • “A lot of times when you call [other insurance companies] you get this impression when they answer the phone that you’ve messed up their day. But at Investors Heritage, they ask what they can do to help you.”

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      David Parish | Fort Wayne, IN

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    • Great products and great people equals a great company!

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      Todd Rabalais | Dallas, TX

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    • “Reality is, most companies are not that receptive or that responsive. It seems at some points that they don’t even care…It’s just a great experience working with Investors Heritage. The professionalism they provide to us, which we are in turn able to provide to our clients.”

      Jeramie Shamp of Fort Wayne, IN. A member since 2018.

      Jeramie Shamp | Fort Wayne, IN

      Lincoln Financial Advisors

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    • “The application process is very easy to go through with clients and the follow up [from Investors Heritage] was fantastic as well. The portal is very easy to go on to and see where things are.”

      Mark Bresnahan of Fort Wayne, IN. A member since 2018.

      Mark Bresnahan | Fort Wayne, IN

      Lincoln Financial Advisors

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This product is underwritten and services are provided by Investors Heritage Life Insurance Company which is based in Frankfort, Kentucky. The product is not available in all states and product features may vary by state. Multi-year guaranteed annuities are designed for long-term growth and accumulation of money. Surrender and withdrawal fees may apply to early withdrawals and withdrawals may be subject to federal and state income tax. Withdrawals prior to age 59 1/2 may be subject to an IRS penalty. Neither Investors Heritage Life Insurance Company nor its representatives provide legal or tax advice. You should consult your attorney or your tax advisor if you have questions. The information provided here is only a summary of some of the product features of the annuity. The annuity contract contains the actual terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions that apply to the coverage. Policy forms: ICC20-SPDA2, SPDA2-DE, SPDA2-FL, SPDA2-ND, SPDA2-SD, Market Value Adjustment Rider ICC20-MVA2. In California SPDA2-CA. MVA not approved in California.