• Improved Product.

    Improved Commissions.

    At Investors Heritage we consider our funeral home clients to be our partners. And, as partners, we’re not only rooting for your success, we’re helping you reach it. We’ve listened to your concerns and designed our Canopy Preneed to cover your needs, whether it’s high commission, high growth or something in between. Get in touch with one of our Preneed Ambassadors today to learn more about our new options.

Commissions Paid

At All Growth Levels.

With Investors Heritage, you can tailor the commission you’re paid through our system of multiple-growth tiers. With our growth-focused, commission-focused and balanced tiers, you can decide what is best for your business goals. Have a look at our commission vs. growth calculator and see for yourself.

  • Senior couple looking at each other

    Honoring Elders and You.

    Older clients are still paying clients and at Investors Heritage, we think you deserve a nice commission for your hard work. We pay commissions on all of our products, regardless of age. Period.

  • Single premium commissions paid on face.

    If your client can sign the single premium application and does not have a POA, Guardian or family member involved, they get an immediate bump in the value of their policy. We pay your commission based on the increased amount. For example, if your client buys a $10,000 policy, it becomes a $10,750 policy immediately. So, the commission we pay you is based on the $10,750 and not the lesser amount.

The product, certain features and benefits, including growth tiers may vary by state and may not be available in all states. Growth and commission rates are subject to change.