• Get up to 3% growth on

    preneed policies.*

    Savvy funeral directors are looking for preneed products to keep up with inflation, because you don’t want to disappoint families in their time of need. Nobody does. This is why Investors Heritage offers up to 3% growth WITH commissions paid at all levels on every insurance policy.

    *Annuity growth is less than 3%. Growth may vary by state.


multiple growth tiers.

Choose the growth tier you’re most comfortable with. You can choose low growth with a higher commission or max out your growth at three percent with a slightly lower commission. It’s your call.  Use our commissions vs. growth calculator to see our growth-focused, balanced and commission-focused tiers. Growth may vary by state.

  • Growth credited monthly to the date of death.

    Many companies credit growth to your policies monthly or annually, which means you and your families are losing out on interest. Annual crediting will only apply the growth to the policy on the anniversary date. So if your client dies prior to that date, there is no growth for that year. The same applies to monthly crediting. You could be losing growth if death occurs anytime before the end of the month. To the right, you'll see an example with realistic numbers.

  • Cropped shot of a cheerful elderly woman hugging her husband who's in a wheelchair at home during the day

    An example scenario.

    If a client purchases a $10,000 policy that earns 3% growth and passes away 4 years, 11 months and 28 days into the policy, that means — if your carrier is crediting monthly — you will lose almost a full month of interest or approximately $25. If they're crediting annually, then you're losing almost a year of interest or nearly $300. Since we credit monthly to the date of death, however, you'll get all the growth possible.

Low, industry-leading


Why do we work to keep our premiums low? Because we want to help you serve as many families as possible. After all, Canopy Preneed was created to cover a wide range of ages, all medical conditions, and most financial situations. Take a look for yourself and see how our rates stack up to your carrier.

The product, certain features and benefits, including growth tiers may vary by state and may not be available in all states. Growth and commission rates are subject to change.