• All funeral homes

    deserve respect.

    At Investors Heritage, we’ve been working with funeral homes since the 1970s. So we understand preneed insurance and family businesses — and we remain committed to treating our partners like family — regardless of their size. It may seem old-fashioned, but we believe every client deserves personal attention, which is why we have a dedicated and knowledgeable team in the field. Their job is simply to help you succeed in growing your revenue through your preneed business. Unlike many other carriers, you are always worth our time.

We think

like you think.

It’s no accident that many of our field representatives are former funeral home directors. We wanted to hire people with deep industry knowledge, so we did. They not only understand the preneed business inside and out, they also understand the funeral industry and the challenges you face. When you work with us, you’re not getting a salesperson. You’re getting a problem solver who is dedicated to establishing and growing our relationship with you, as well as helping you grow your revenue. 

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    Take it all the way to the top.

    99.9% of the time, our field managers can provide the solutions you need. But like any good team, we plan for the unexpected. That’s why our executive staff is always available to our field team and partners, just in case someone who can move mountains is needed.

  • Business Done Right. Preneed Done Right.

    In addition to a game-changing new preneed suite of products, we offer steadfast loyalty, follow through on commitments, active problem-solving on our clients’ and producers’ behalf, and friendly, personable service. That may seem like an old-fashioned approach to doing business – but that’s only because it is.

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with a field rep.

We’ve got boots on the ground, serving funeral homes both big and small, because we’re here to make things easy.

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